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What is Happy Hour?

It's a special admission of $17.40 per person and given by one hour per person. If you are 4 people (pay $17.40 per person) then you can stay max. 4 hours. However, the maximum time is 5 hours even though you’re more than 5 people. It's available from opening hours to 01:00 (except Friday & Saturday nights; until 20:45). After 21:00, the minimum purchase ($5.00 per person) is required.

Is the admission fee per person?

The price is for the whole group, not per person. For example, if you are a group of 8 people and want to stay an hour in a medium room, you can split the price ( for example, $40) for the whole group and it will be $5 per person.

Do we have to pay for an Admission fee during Happy Hour?

NO, we only charge you one of the best option.

Can we bring our own drinks?

No, you cannot bring drinks purchased from outside of the karaoke. There is 200 dollar fine. Bringing your own food is okay as long as you keep the room clean.

Do we have to reserve a room?

Walk-ins are always welcomed, however you can reserve a room only when your group number and reservation time is concrete. All reservations require to deposit the first hour in advance. Once you reserved a room (deposit made), no refund, no change reservation time, no downsize room and you should be punctual. We make reservations for those who want at least 2 hours. We give you free room (maximum 15 minutes), if the room is available and if you come earlier. To reserve rooms, click here.

Do you have songs in other languages?

Yes we do! We have songs in over 10 languages, including: French, English, Spanish, Filipino, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Thailand, Vietnamese, Korean and Indonesian.

Check out our song list here. 

YOUTUBE is available in case you cannot find your songs. We recommend using the karaoke main system for better sound quality.

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